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Welcome to this backwater corner of the internet ocean...

This site was created to celebrate those who worked to "improve" the Panther and Tiger UI. The LINKS page is an outdated cross-section of the names who inspired The Community, for many years.

I had particular fun working out Cell Shaded, with Ryan (GoDucks) Clark. His skill in Freehand (yes - Freehand) made the updates possible, while I pushed the pixels around to fill in the 10,000 elements, in ThemePark. We could not have tinkered without the expressed approval from timdorr's (who ported the MSStyle to OSX) and Javier (KoL) Ocasio (who took a scribble from the incomperable William Bart and ran with it).

I have left this site active as a humble nod to all you.
Thank you every one.

Ivan (eyevaan) Goloub

Hot news from 2005!

CelShaded is DONE!

revisions to the LINKS section moving forward - stalled for a bit but moving forward